Particularly powerful cargo bikes such as the Cargo M require special attention from the user, because weight and size are exceptional for a bike. The use of car and motorcycle parts means that you can move safely in every situation, but the driver must always be aware of his responsibility, for example in pedestrian areas.
VOWAG GmbH is a member of the Radlogistik Verband Deutschland e.V . We support the idea of fair cooperation. Together we have created a form as a code of conduct for cargo bikes in road traffic. Download as PDF below.

Code of Conduct of the Radlogistik Verband Deutschland e.V. for commercial cargo bikes and trailers in road traffic

We are replacing cars and vans in urban logistics with significantly smaller and emission-free cargo bikes or bicycles with trailers. That makes our cities more livable and safer for everyone. However, our bicycles are significantly larger than classic bicycles. If you drive carelessly, they can unsettle, hinder or even endanger weaker road users in particular. We want to prevent that.

In addition to complying with the road traffic regulations as a matter of course, as manufacturers and operators of cargo bikes and bicycles with trailers, we are committed to the following code of conduct of the Radlogistik Verband Deutschland:

  • We drive particularly defensively and considerately towards weaker road users.

  • We always ride on the road whenever possible and not on the tightly dimensioned and highly frequented bicycle traffic infrastructure.

  • We always stop and park on the edge of the lane and not on the sidewalk whenever possible.

  • If we make use of the right to park bicycles on the sidewalk, we give priority to everyone who is on foot, in a wheelchair, with a walker, with a stroller, on children's bicycles or balance bikes. There must be enough space for this and we only approach the parking or bus stop on the sidewalk using the shortest possible route and at walking pace.

Overview of cargo bike models and trailers

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