The CARGO M is a robust and high-quality vehicle that can be relied upon in daily use. With its extreme loading capacity of 355 kg (incl. driver) as well as the loading area of 1.27 m x 0.98 m (designed for the transport of one Euro pallet), our Cargobike is the perfect partner for inner-city transport. Thanks to the modular approach, the application field ranges from logistics to facility management, municipal tasks to promotion, streetfood, rental and sharing concepts.


Vehicle class
EPAC-Pedelec EN15194

External dimensions (L x W x H)
2315 mm x 980 mm x 1460 mm

1790 mm

Frame color
Red / green / black / gray

Curb weight
195 kg

Maximum weight
550 kg

Max. Axle load (front / rear)
275 kg / 375 kg

Loading area max. 300 kg

Loading area (L x W)
1270 mm x 980 mm

Loading volume
approx. 1.6 m³ (at 1.3 m loading height)

Turning circle
6,15 m

Up to 75 km (depending on load, temperature, driving style and topography)

Braking system
Dual circuit brake system: 2x disc brakes at the front and rear, hydraulic parking brake

2,75 x 14"

Battery pack
- 48V 36Ah Li-Ion 1728Wh
- 51,8V 60Ah Li-Ion 3108Wh

Brushless motor with peak power 1200 watts, smooth speed control with appropriate control unit, purely electrical reverse gear

Support intensity selectable in 3 levels;
Support intensity is also dependent on thumb gas, torque and crank speed

Supply voltage
48 Volts

Rated continuous output
250 Watt

Top speed
25 km / h with electric assistance (pushing aid up to 6 km/h)

Rear axle with differential

Gear change
2 gears and purely electrical reverse gear

McPherson struts at front axle
Rear axle rigid axle with leaf springs

Driving licence
Not required

Not required


Front cover
Choose: red, white, black, or gray

StVZO bundle
Lighting, spotlights, horn, rear view mirror and splash protection Details

StVZO bundle - Lights according to German StVZO regulation

Since 2019 special guidelines for bicycle lighting have been applied in Germany and other EU countries. Our lamps meet these requirements and also offer turn signals, brake lights and daytime running lights. In wet road conditions, the fenders prevent you from being sprayed from below.

Cell phone holder
Universal cell phone holder mounted at the bar Details

Cell phone holder - A practical companion for cell phones with a screen size of up to 7 "

A practical companion for cell phones with a screen size of up to 7 "

Tool kit
Tool range; allen 4, 5, 6 mouth 10, 13 Details

Tool kit - Werkzeug Set

Consisting of various Allen wrenches or ring spanners, as well as a nut and suitable lever for the wheel bolts.

Storage A
Saddle bag Details

Storage A - Saddle bag

Case for keys, wallet, etc.

Storage B
Cup holder Details

Storage B - Cup holder

Storage C
Glove box Details

Storage C - Glove box

Storage D
Underfloor box Details

Storage D - Underfloor box

Positioned on the right,

max. 15 kg,

W x L x H 620 x 240 x 150mm

Power battery instead of standard battery
51,8V 60Ah Li-Ion 3108Wh

Double-power battery
2x 51,8V 60Ah Li-Ion 3108Wh

Reserve standard battery
48V 36 Ah LiFePO4 1728 Wh

Reserve power battery
51,8V 60Ah Li-Ion 3108Wh

10 A Details

Ladegerät -

This charger supplies our standard battery. Reloads it within 4h hours at 220 Volt supply.

Power charger
15 A Details

Power charger -

This charger supplies our power battery. Reloads it within 4 hours at 220 Volt supply

Power wheel set
For max. 500 kg load Details

Power wheel set - With this wheel set you can equip the wheel with a load of up to 500 kg.

With this wheel set you can equip the wheel with a load of up to 500 kg.

Spare wheel
Only in conjunction with underfloor storage space and vehicle tools Details

Spare wheel - Spare wheel

Very useful, comes together with the jack and a wheel nut wrench

Universal loading area
Screen printing plate with 4 lashing eyes Details

Universal loading area - Universal loading area

You don't need a structure, or do you want to screw or lash your own attachment to the frame or our base plate? With or without screen printing plate, our bike offers you the possibility to load everything up to 355kg.

Railing loading area
For additional transport security Details

Railing loading area - Railing loading area

This simple transport securing solution is intended for larger, heavy loads. A customer uses it to transport wood, for example.

Container ca. 1.5 m³
Logistics container (L x W x H) 1300 x 980 x 1200 mm with wing doors Details

Container ca. 1.5 m³ - The following extras are available upon request:

Further logistic container options are available:

  • Roller system under the container (reduced container height by approx. 100 mm) +520EUR
  • Insert compartments +220,00EUR
  • Radio-controlled lockable doors +350,00EUR
  • reinforced bottom +100,00EUR

Facility Manager ca. 0.6 m³
Available in two different versions. Details

Facility Manager ca. 0.6 m³ - Kietz helpers, craftsmen, caretakers on duty

With its low loading height, our "Facility Manager" is also suitable for neighborhood helpers, craftsmen or chimney sweeps etc. In the interior of the box, we have added variable compartments that prevent the load from slipping. There is an opening at the rear end so that the broom handles can protrude, for example.

4 customer seats Details

Taxi - 4 seats

This taxi requires to add the 500 kg load wheels.

Roof for taxi
Roof for taxi Details

Roof for taxi - A practical weather protection for the customers

Pictures follow up

Special makeup container
According consultation and offer Details

Special makeup container - Special makeup container

In consultation, we will build a special body for our cargo bike. We built this kitchen superstructure for a customer in Leipzig, for example.

Letter box
In preparation! Details

Letter box - The letterbox 2 matches this basket in front of the handlebar. This allowes easy access the goods.

In dieses Körbchen vor dem Lenker passt die Letterbox 2. So hat der Fahrer direkten, schnellen Zugriff auf die Ware.

Lock up
Brake lever lock Details

Lock up -

Keyless go
Automatic switch-off of the bike when leaving

Weather protection
This driver's cab has a windshield and a roof, but remains open to the sides Details

Weather protection - Pictures follow up

Custom made frame color from 350,00 EUR
Custom made RAL color according to feasibility Details

Custom made frame color from 350,00 EUR - Example spezial color

Custom made color front cover from 125,00 EUR
Your RAL special color and company logo according to feasibility Details

Custom made color front cover from 125,00 EUR - Example spezial color

Your logo at front cover from 200,00 EUR
Your company logo according to feasibility

Full protection insurence incl. comming home service
Allianz Details

Full protection insurence incl. comming home service - Allianz insures your cargo bike like a car, against theft, vandalism and also in the event of a self-inflicted accident or improper handling. In the event of damage to third parties, Allianz Haftplicht also replaces business liability for traders. The cover letter grants you breakdown assistance and, if necessary, transport to your workshop.

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