Since March 2021, the new funding guideline of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has supported companies in switching to sustainable and climate-friendly logistics. Since demand has been very high in the past, even below the heavy-duty segment, the Federal Office of Export Control (BAFA) is also helping with the purchase of lighter cargo bikes. The nationwide promotion of the commercial use of cargo bikes aims to create an environmentally and traffic-friendly alternative to smaller trucks in urban areas on the "last mile".

Delivery traffic must become more sustainable as quickly as possible: For months now, the volume of parcels has been increasing and with it the number of delivery vehicles on the roads. This is causing more and more problems, especially in urban areas, as footpaths and cycle paths are often blocked and pollution levels are rising. The use of e-load bikes would therefore not only benefit the environment, but also ease the traffic situation in city centers.

Various cargo bike subsidies are intended to create an incentive for this. Industry, commerce, trade, services and the municipal sector can benefit from the subsidies. For example, the BMU subsidy grants up to 25% of the purchase costs or a maximum of €2,500 for cargo bikes or trailers. In Berlin, the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection launched its "LastenradPLUS" funding program on May 10. With a cost subsidy of up to €2,000, this program aims to support entrepreneurs in the capital in purchasing a cargo bike with an electric motor.

The purchase of a CARGO M is also eligible for funding. The funding of the e-load bike for business customers varies depending on the sponsor: city, state or federal government. Are you interested in the financing options for a CARGO M? We will be happy to help you personally and answer your questions by e-mail:

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