New heavy-duty bike at Cargomobil

With Cargomobil, Ruuf AG is targeting municipalities and companies - and offers them transport solutions without a combustion engine. The portfolio is now being expanded to include a heavy-duty bike from Germany.

The commercial use of cargo bikes is still in its infancy in Switzerland - but the potential is particularly great in urban areas, where distances are rather short and space is in short supply. Ruuf AG wants to change that with the Cargomobil initiative. The Zurich-based company also offers a selection of electric vehicles for transporting loads - from electric tricycles and scooters to three-wheeled cargo bikes and the configurable trailers from Hinterher. In addition, Cargomobil offers municipalities and businesses various financing and insurance solutions as well as subscriptions with service and repair services. is now reporting an expansion of its portfolio.

The “Cargo M” rolls on four 14-inch wheels, and the loading area can be equipped with various containers, benches or rails for castors as required. Photo: zVg

The four-wheeled heavy-duty bicycle “Cargo M” from the German manufacturer Vowag can be viewed and tried out at cargomobil from May by arrangement. The auxiliary drive has been optimized for a high torque in order to get the robust vehicle going with the maximum permissible total weight of 550 kg (empty weight 195 kg). A Euro pallet fits on the platform at the rear, and yet the turning circle is small at 6.15 meters. In order to adapt the «Cargo M» to the respective needs, the manufacturer Vowag offers various bodies and configurations.

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