The CARGO M from VOWAG GmbH is a high-quality heavy-duty wheel that can be relied on in daily use. It combines the slim vehicle mass of a bicycle with the power of a small car and the versatility of a van. The new Cargo M update now provides even more payload and thus closes the gap between e-bike and van.

In 2020, according to the INRIX traffic study, a 40 percent decline in traffic was recorded in German city centers. This is similarly reflected in last year's ADAC congestion report. Even though traffic volumes in city centers were almost halved last year due to the pandemic, this does not represent the norm. In 2019, traffic jams in Germany still caused costs of 2.8 billion euros, and Munich and Berlin were the worst affected.

In comparison, the time lost in both cities was the lowest by bicycle. Cyclists did require more travel time on a daily average than car drivers - but they could be planned without annoying traffic jams and also without noise and pollution. As an emission-free electric cargo bike, the CARGO M not only protects the environment and city dwellers compared to vans & Co, but is also particularly suitable for use in urban logistics due to its modular approach.

A new mobility solution for inner cities: flexible and affordable

Sven Knorr, Managing Director of VOWAG: "Our CARGO M sets new standards in the field of cargo bikes with a load capacity of up to 500 kg. It thus offers even more possible uses than previous e-cargo bikes: it can be used in building management, for municipal tasks, street food offerings, logistics and promotion. Traffic jams and rush hour traffic are no problem, and there is no need to search for a parking space. In addition, despite the increased payload, steep inclines can be mastered effortlessly with it."

The heavy-duty bike thus offers a new mobility solution for inner cities and can also be used for rental and sharing concepts. The purchase is also eligible for subsidies for craft businesses, delivery services and other companies. As a cargo bike, it belongs to the category of bicycles. That's why riders don't need insurance or a driver's license. The CARGO M Update also does not need a parking space, can use more access routes and is therefore extremely flexible to use.

500 kg payload and range of up to 200 km possible.

While conventional e-cargo bikes and even the predecessor model only had a maximum load capacity of 300 kg, the Cargo M Update now offers a whopping 500 kg. This much payload is unique worldwide and could only be achieved by a new, even stronger chassis. As a result, the heavy-duty wheel can now carry a weight of up to half a ton and the volume of a van. With a total of three battery variants (2, 4 and 8 kWh) from German production, the range now leaves nothing to be desired, and the largest version can travel up to 200 kilometers. In addition, the brushless motor with 250 watts of rated continuous power and a peak power of 1,200 watts can even overcome large inclines.

The increased payload, longer range and more intelligent control software create an even more efficient riding experience. The speed can be continuously adjusted up to 25 km/h and the VOWAG Boost Converter (VBC) provides a bicycle-like driving experience. Different superstructures are available for the CARGO M, so that individual customization options are available depending on requirements. With a loading area of 1.27 m x 0.98 m (designed for transporting a Euro pallet), the Cargobike is the perfect partner for inner-city transport. Compared to other providers, the CARGO M with its easy hop-on, hop-off use offers many advantages for daily use in the inner city.

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